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Aniruddha an Institution in Itself - Abode of Knowledge & Love

This blog of mine is dedicated to life and works of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (M.D.) better known amongst common masses as Bapu.

Born in 1956, Dr. Aniruddha Joshi studied at Shirodkar Vidylalaya School in Parel, before following in his father’s footsteps, by opting for medicine. A brilliant student and gold medalist, he gained his MD, specializing in Rheumatology. A lecturer in Nair Hospital till 1985, he later started his private practice in Dadar and Parel, which he continued till 1998.

For the establishment of ‘Ramrajya’ by year 2025, Bapu instituted the Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak. Under this organization volunteers involve themselves in devotional services like including rehabilitation of leprosy patients, organization of blood donation camps, working for the blind, running de-addiction centers and cleanliness and hygiene awareness, etc. A welfare centre for earthquake victims opened in June 2001, in Kharoi village, Kutch, has a team of volunteers, including qualified medical professionals, administering treatment. As part of the rural development scheme, a few villages in Dhule, Maharashtra, have been adopted by the SSAUT (Shree Aniruddha Upasna Trust).

The topics that have mainly been covered and focused on are listed below. To help you to easily navigate the blog the topics listed in the sitemap have been hyperlinked.

  1. Charkha Yojana
  2. Gograss Yojana (Fodder Plan)
  3. Raddi Yojana
  4. Old is Gold Yojana
  5. Warmth of Love Yojana (Godhadi Yojana)
  6. Vidya Prakash Yojana
  7. Cleanliness Yojana
  8. Ahilya Sangh Yojana
  9. Grantharaj Shreemad Purushartha
  10. Information Bank
  11. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangam
  12. The Institute of Studies of Five Continents
  13. Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management

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This Thursday (15th January 2009), Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (Bapu) was not present at the Discourse venue at Bandra. Following is the extract of some of the most important points that Bapu mentioned in His last Discourse done on 8th January 2009.

Bapu congratulated all the people present who had observed Vardhaman Vratadhiraj. Bapu said that He visited many homes where this fasting was practiced religiously and found that everyone was doing it with utmost seriousness and love for Lord from within.

Bapu also introduced one concept called One Page Diary. Trust has printed dairies with Bapu’s photo on the cover page with Lord Dattaguru in the background. In this we have to enlist the tasks that we have to complete everyday. Once that day gets over the same page has to be torn with the unfinished tasks being carried over to the next day’s activities to be done. Bapu said that with implementation of this technique, success would be guaranteed as time management would to realized by its implementers.

Through reference of shlok ‘Chandrama Manosojata’ He explained us how to shift the mind from general human state to one filled with love for Lord and solid belief on Him. It is only through Bhakti & Seva that this state can be achieved by anyone.

Bapu made everyone recite Aradhan Jyoti Chapter 11 from Mahasankatmochan Mahapapnivarak Divyaprakash Aradhana Book. This Pushpa is deiacted to Lord Hanumant. Bapu said that if anybody is troubling you in whatever way then by reciting this hymn you could get rid of the trouble your adversary is causing you.

Pratyaksha is a Marathi daily paper started by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (Bapu). This is a completely non-political daily and hence is free from the normal rot that we encounter in other newspapers. This paper is Bapu’s step in this ear of uncertainty and conflict laden Kaliyug to make all of us understand the embedded meanings in the various happenings around the world so that we can anticipate as to what is coming up and act accordingly. Bapu writes one column in this paper covering a spectrum of subject from international politics to economy to religion and beyond.

Bapu has written the editorial on this subject and has made us aware as to how this war is going to be fought, where is going to be fought, etc. Bapu Illustrated with help of evidence and study, all the paradigms of the theatre of this war. Bapu started this paper on 15th December 2005 (Datta Jayanti). Bapu wrote 19 write-ups on World War 3. – One each day till the 16th of April which was the biggest. Bapu wrote 12 full pages of the entire paper on how, when, why, with whom, for what, etc…. about World War 3. You will start wondering that how come this ‘man’ knows all this and is telling us so openly? But as described by Him Pratyaksha is one of those things, which is going to be savior of bhaktas during the period of Third World War the others being Ram Naam Book and course, training and implementation of principle and techniques taught at Aniruddha’s Academy Disaster Management


The sections of the paper are gateways to vast oceans of knowledge. Some of the sections covered in this are International Politics. Indian Law, Share Market Analysis and Understanding, Letters-to-Editor area, Science and Technology, Medicine, Write-ups on Shree Sai Sat Charitra by Dr. Yogindrasinh Joshi and Dr. (Mrs.) Vishakhaveera Joshi, Special Write-ups by renowned journalist and columnist Pushpatai Trilokekar, History, Frauds & Forgeries, Nature & Ecology, Famous Personalities & Organizations, General Knowledge, Religion, etc.

It also has a column ‘
Today’s Prayer’ which has the prayer to be recited that same day which would maximize the flow of positive energy and vibes amongst us. Moreover there are other sections like ‘Spot the Difference’, ‘Today’s Prayer to be Written’, etc.
But most importantly it features a daily write-up by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi Himself in which he covers a wide spectrum of topics like Science, Culture, Economics, History, Strategic Studies, Festivals & Religion, etc. but most importantly He comments on International Politics are extremely revered, respected in the literary, governmental and strategic community, as they emanate from a deep understanding and study of International & National events. Currently He is writing a series titled ‘
Tulsipatra’, which is based on ‘Sunderkand’ (Description of Lord Hanumant’s journey from Rameshwaram to Lanka and back) from Ramayana.

Address for Correspondence and Subscription Related Queries:

Pratyaksha, Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd.

701, Link Apartments,

Old Khari Village,

Old Khar (West)

Mumbai - 400 072

Tel: +91 22 2605 7051/ 52/ 53.

    • The Third World War by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Bapu has written the editorial on this subject and has made us aware as to how this war is going to be fought, where is going to be fought, etc. Bapu Illustrated with help of evidence and study, all the paradigms of the theatre of this war. Bapu started this paper on 15th December 2005 ( Datta Jayanti). Bapu wrote 19 write-ups on World War 3. – One each day till the 16th of April which was the biggest. Bapu wrote 12 full pages of the entire paper on how, when, why, with whom, for what, etc…. about World War 3. You will start wondering that how come this ‘man’ knows all this and is telling us so openly?

  • Pakistan (Unfortunate Country for Universe)!!

    Pakistan, this adopted son of china will be at the helm of the formulating the beginning of the third world war. This country universally is heavily connected with a lot of changes in the political world. There would be a great and a strong warrior in this country who will formulate and direct the third world war.

  • Attack on India

    Currently a plan is being formulated to capture certain parts of northern India and govern these places in order to cut down India’s boundaries by 50%. And to achieve this goal, Bangladesh will be used in this case and right from Gujarat border to Punjab, Kashmir, Nepal, Bengal, Assam in the north to Vishakhapatnam, hence 2/3
    rd India will be forced to enter this war and then India will not be able to help America in any way, and it looks like plan will be very strongly formulated.

    The need of the hour is that India and Russia should share a very close relationship and should be very closely united. Moreover both the countries should have a capable, firm and a strong political leadership.

  • War on American Land

    The most important thing in a war is, the land on which it is fought, and with which country. Till Today America fought and made others fight amongst themselves, on someone else’s soil, leaving their own unscathed and untouched. They never allowed any war to splii and escalate on their land, but not anymore. Now in the coming world war, many battles will be fought on America’s land and this is going to be the most important aspect of world war 3. In a war, attack and protection are the two sides of the same coin.

  • Bangladesh

    Bangladesh, which is situated in the heart of India, can stab India in the back.

  • Condeleeza Rice: 

    She is the first lady to become the foreign minister of USA. Today she is the topmost eminent and courageous political lady. She shall have a strong hold on all the situations arising in the future. Her name will be synonymous forever in the history of the third world war.

  • China

    Area of China is 59 lacks, square miles. Population is 136 crores and it’s a communist country. This country wishes to expand its boundaries four times of its current size! However its map will change 4 times in the next 18 yrs. This country will be the most intelligent one, and play a vital role as that of “Chanakya” in this war.

  • 6th June 2006 (6.6.6)

    Will be the beginning of terrorism and attacks, (Just for your information): - This number can be called as the number, which kicks of a world war. When these three 6’s came together we had World War 1 and 2 and now it’s the third one coming up!!!

The gates of the third world war shall open on

6th June 2006

when Pakistan and Al-Qaeda, will heavily speed up terrorism.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    USA should have taken precautionary steps at the very time when Osama, warned America in 1989. – The result of American ignorance culminated in what is recognized as 9/11 He is the first human being, to shatter the wits of a super power like America. The time of commencement of the 3
    rd world war solely depends on his health. His both the kidneys have failed and he is currently on dialysis. If his kidney transplant is successful, then the time of the 3rd World War shall be postponed but, if his health deteriorates, then the war is just at a one hand’s distance!!! America is out in all directions in the world to capture and/or kill him.

  • From this year 2006, to the next 12-14 years terrorism will be at its peak in the whole world, which will create horrifying situations. THE WORLD WAR WILL BE FOUGHT FOR AROUND 12-14 YEARS POST 2006.

  • Prince Charles & The British Royal Family.

    This royal family is honored by the entire British people as well as by the whole of Europe, America and commonwealth countries. According to Abu Zaraqi, the murder of the persons holding the highest position in this royal family, will defame the power and strength of Britain. And even if this happens in the smallest proportion, then the whole of Europe will be at America’s side in no time, to fight the war.

    My blessings to this royal family and I pray at Lord Dattaguru’s feet, that this should not happen!” – P. P. Aniruddha Bapu. And if this horrible deed takes place, then this will spark a massive fire, which will spread in all directions, leading to unbelievable horrifying situations.

  • India




If the unity amongst the Hindus and Muslims residing in India prevails, then, the after effects of the World War 3 would be minimized.

In the past few years we did not have any one political party ruling the country. Sometimes it was BJP, and sometime Congress. In this situation, the ruling party cannot take decisions immediately, hence if same situation remains, during pre and post war, India will NOT be able to use its strengths effectively and this would be the greatest danger, India would face! So, the need of the hour is that the main ruling party should take precautionary steps, which would be beneficial to all Indians. This makes it imperative for we all India’s to taking part in elections and make it sure that no regional and communal politicians are elected.

May whatever happen in the whole world, but there should not be any war against any religion in India, this is my ultimate and practical wish, and to achieve this goal, I have kept myself ready to work constructively with justice and truth to any extent.” - Bapu.


The above 10 Points are just a glimpse of what Bapu has written. This whole new subject is best when read from the actual book.

    • Text Book of Disaster Management
Aniruddha Academy of Disaster Management is a charitable organization incorporated in April 2005 with ‘Disaster Management’, as its principal objective. It is the culmination of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi’s (Bapu) foresight and vision that has given concrete shape to the idea of having an academy of disaster management that would impart basic training to the citizens of the country at large and specialized training to the would be trainers, on how to cope with all kinds of disasters both natural and man-made.

The Basic Course of AADM covers information sharing on all possible kinds of disasters and ways to effectively respond to them. The course also includes training on Rescue Methods, Cardio-Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (CPCR Techniques), Fire Fighting, First-Aid, etc. The Text Book of Disaster Management totally describes all the above methods in great details with diagrammatic representations for better understanding of learners. Its content is not just restricted to these subject but covers very critical and interesting subject like operations of Ham Radio Stations, General Safety Precautions to be taken daily to avoid disasters, Terrorism and associated man-made disasters, etc.

    • Krupa Sindhu Magazine
This is monthly magazine, which is published on a very, very different level in which with every month’s edition the readers explore new facets of Bhakti and the Divine Form and also expose their own shortcomings to themselves and learn the way of eliminating them. This magazine has assumed and realized the literary form of love.

Contact Details for Ordering & Advertisements:

551, Happy Home,

TPS – 3, 8th Road,

Old Khar, Khar (West),

Mumbai – 400 052

Mr. Rameshsinh Baraskar - +91 98208 69450

    • Krupa Sindhu Calendar
This calendar gives its users minute details about the various happenings on festivals and events scheduled to happen throughout the year. Moreover it gives us vital yet simple and practical solutions about Beauty Tips, Cooking Recipes and culinary tips, Mannerisms and etiquettes, etc.

    • Recipe Book for Vardhaman Vratadhiraj
Spouse of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi Dr. (Mrs.) Nandaveera Joshi (Nandai) has written this book. It has some of the lip smacking recipes but which have Satva and Guru Gun at its core. This is the best, natural and tasty way of obtaining the above two Guns just for free i.e. only by being a foodie.

Contact for Securing Your Copy:

551, Happy Home,

TPS – 3, 8th Road,

Old Khar, Khar (West),

Mumbai – 400 052

Tel No: +91 22 66970977/ 78 Extn. : 603

    • Ram Rasayan
This is defined as Chid-Akash (Divine Space) by Bapu. He has authored this book, which is based on life and works of Lord Rama. This book is recited at night at Gurukshetram every day.

  • Bapu’s 13 Points Plan

    Social work, charitable activities, nature and resources’ conservation, interfaith thinking and scientific attitude blend seamlessly in this unique programme formulated and launched by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi. The programme introduced by Bapu on 3rd October 2002 is implemented through the medium of various organizations lke Aniruddha Academy of Disaster Management, Aniruddha Upasna Trust, Dilasa Medical Foundation, Aniruddha’s House of Friends, etc. This programme is totally oriented towards making society strong at the grass roots and building India into a strong and global superpower ‘Samartha Bharat’ by the year 2025, the year when Bapu envisages establishment of Ram Rajya globally.

  1. Charkha Yojana:

    Yarn spun by volunteers is made into cloth to be distributed among needy students and their families for free. The distribution is done in the tribal areas of Thane district. One of the largest Medical Camps’ in the world is held every year at Kolhapur where the school uniforms, woven from the yarn generated from this programmme is distributed among the school going kids of laborers and farmers for free.

  1. Gograss Yojana: (Fodder Plan)

    Grass grown by volunteers in their own houses and in the jurisdiction of their upasna centre is collected and sent to famine-stricken, flood-stricken, etc areas as fodder for cattle. The animals relish the green fresh fodder and yield more milk, which in turn helps the poor farmers. Aniruddha Upasna Trust also runs many Relief Camps for cattle in the famine or drought hit areas.

  1. Raddi Yojana:

    Old paper collected from people is converted into paper bags to be used instead of non-biodegradable plastics. Paper pulp is used to make articles like notebooks, textbooks, etc for distribution to needy students as incentive to go to school.

  1. Old is Gold Yojana:

    Old utensils, clothing, books, toys etc, are collected for distribution to needy students. During the annual Medical Camp held at Kolhapur these items are distributed for free among the families of laborers and farmers for free.

  1. Warmth of Love Yojana:

    Torn cloth is used to make quilts for the poor. This helps them to survive the harsh winter. Major distribution of these items under this programme is done during Kolhapur Medical Camp. All the female homemakers who are associated with activities of the Trust are always the leading force on this programme.

  1. Vidya Prakash Yojana: (Godhadi Yojana)

    This specific programme illuminates the utmost thought and love that Bapu has for everyone. Considering that the children in the rural areas do not get to enjoy the privilege of uninterrupted supply of electricity candles and matchboxes are donated to for poor students for their use, which enables them to study even without electricity. If one deeply thinks over this programme he would come to know as to how immensely important and thought provoking this programme is and would be contributing towards building the a strong foundation of the nation, our Samarth Bharat.

  1. Cleanliness Yojana:

    Volunteers of Aniruddha Upasna Trust undertake cleaning up of public schools, hospitals and places of worship. The volunteer forget their professional and social status and take part in this seva just because Bapu has designed this programme.

  1. Ahilya Sangh Yojana:

    It is a group working towards women empowerment. But here word empowerment is not just restricted to financial terms but touches every walk of life of women. Women are groomed, trained and empowered physically, mentally, familially but also behaviorally. It encompasses various activities like Bal-Vidya training (Ancient Indian Martial Arts Training), Atma-Bal Course (Personality Development Course), Tree Plantation and Tree care programmes, etc.

  1. Grantharaj Shreemad Purushartha

    To free society of unnecessary rituals and blind faith, a new Religious Text Book -confluence of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism is written and published by Bapu. So far 3 editions of the same have been written and published by Bapu viz., 1) Satya-Smruti 2) Prem-Prawas 3) Anand-Sadhana and 2 more editions are yet to be launched. This series gives us complete guidance on trivial issues like our diet to even critical issues like how not just to live but lead life, how to face and solves the problems faced in it, etc. In the truest sense this is the real Grantharaj (King of Books) of the world.

  1. Information Bank:

    Every Thursday, before his discourse, Bapu imparts scientific information and update devotees on new scientific discoveries.

  1. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangram:

    To inculcate a sense of brotherhood among Indians, volunteers learn at least one language other than their mother tongue. A facility to house this activity is being created. Around 1200 volunteers are already studying different Indian languages, apart from their mother tongue, which, in time to come, will become the harbinger of national integration in its truest sense. Moreover Bapu Himself has taught many non-Marathi speaking people Marathi.

  1. The Institute of Studies of Five Continents:

    An institute aimed at the study of five continents, on the lines of the Institute of Regional Studies is being formed. The progress and politics of the five continents, scientific, educational and cultural progress and regression, all will be a part of the study. This institute will produce social scientists in order to bring the disparate communities of the world together. Taking into consideration the already ignited Third World War this institute assumes huge importance.

  1. Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM)

    An army of Disaster Management volunteers to trained tackle natural and man-made disasters. Aniruddha Academy of Disaster Management is a charitable organization incorporated in April 2005 with ‘Disaster Management’, as its principal objective. It is the culmination of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi’s (Bapu) foresight and vision that has given concrete shape to the idea of having an academy of disaster management that would impart basic training to the citizens of the country at large and specialized training to the citizens of the country at large and specialized training to the would be trainers, on how to cope with all kinds of disasters both natural and man-made.

    Currently AADM’s scope of operations covers conducting basic training courses, providing assistance to the local and civic bodies during any unforeseen natural and man-made disasters and providing crowd control seva at various public festivals and fairs.

    AADM has also undertaken projects such as Vermiculture and Pulse Polio Vaccination drives for the general welfare of society.

    The Basic Course of AADM covers information sharing on all possible kinds of disasters and ways to effectively respond to them. The course also includes training on Rescue Methods, Cardio-Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (CPCR Techniques), Fire Fighting, First-Aid, etc. Moreover these training courses are offered free of cost. The academy has so far successfully trained more than forty- thousand citizens many of who have become DMVs.

    AADM has responded swiftly and assisted the governmental agencies during various emergencies like 26th July 2005 Deluge, 2005 Saki Naka Landslides, 11th July 2006 Serial Suburban Railway Bombings, 2007 Laxmi Chaya Building Collapse and many more. Apart from this AADM assist government agencies regularly for controlling and regulating crowds at places which attract seas of devotees and lead to chronic rushes like Jyotiba Yatra, Madhardevi Yatra, Kumbh-Mela, Siddhivinayak Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, Mother Mary Fair, Ganpati Immersion Processions at various locations on Anant Chaturdashi Day, etc. The volunteers of AADM carry their work with such precision and sincerity that even the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has acknowledged their work personally.

    The another project undertaken under by AADM is Vermiculture in which the bio-degradable waste is composted with help of earthworms to be converted into an organic manure which is 300% more nutritive and chemically safe for nature and moreover produced at almost zero-cost. AADM has succeeded in producing more than 4 tones of manure annually from urban waste alone. In a city like Mumbai which produces more than 7000 tones of waste everyday and which is running out of space of dumping grounds, this is the ideal solution.

For enrollment or more details you can contact

Aniruddha Academy of Disaster Management

1st Floor, Flat No. 3,

Krishna Niwas,

18, S. Keer Marg,


Mumbai 400 016.

Tel: +91 22 24301010

  • Festivals & Events
Ram Navami Festival:

This festival would be celebrated this year (2009) celebrated on the holy day 2nd of April, which is revered and celebrated all across India and in the Hindu community as birthday of Lord Rama.

Many programmes like Bapu’s Special Discourse, Darshan Ceremony, Palana (Good Night Song sung for children to go to sound sleep) Singing Ceremony, Ram Janmotsav, Recitation of Rudradhyay of Shree Sai Sat Charitra, Handi-Prasad Distribution, Tali Bharan Ceremony, Hom (Burning of Sacred Fire), Sai Satya Pujan, Continuous recitation of religious hymns, Sai Abhishek, and a colorful Dindi Procession is all that is covered during the day long ceremony to be celebrated at New English High School, Bandra (East), Mumbai.

Under this project, free mid-day meals are provided to children from schools in tribal areas, and in municipal schools. Sponsors/ donors who donate rice, wheat, pulses, oil, sugar, etc make this possible. Presently, mid-day meals are being provided to nearly 4000 students across 311 different schools in the rural areas by dedicated volunteers who cook the food themselves and serve it to the students attending the schools.

    • Eco-Friendly Ganesh Murti

The unique project involves the making of Lord Ganesh idols from the Paper Pulp. These idols are made from shredded paper of ‘Ramnaam’ notebooks used by the devotees, who write ‘Ramnaam’ ad deposit the notebooks with ‘Aniruddha’ Universal Bank of Ramnaam’. The idols disintegrate easily upon submersion in water, as compared to idols made from Plaster-of-Paris. This is the excellent way of controlling water pollution. The organization distributed nearly 3500 idols of Lord Ganesh in the year 2008.

    • Medical & Healthcare Camp (Kolhapur Medical Camp)
For the welfare of the people in rural areas, medical camps are beng conducted. For the past five years, a unique mega medical camp is being conducted in a backward area of Kolhapur District, covering nearly 200 villages. Medical team comprises of Physicians, Opthalmologists, Dentists, Paediatricians, Gynaecologists, ENT Surgeons, Cardiologists, Orthopaedicians and General Practitioners. During KMC – 2008 16300 villagers from 200 villages, including 7634 school children, benefited from the camp.

Activities like medical checkup, distribution of medicines, tonics, syrups, etc, distribution of used clothing, uniform sets to school going children, slippers & caps, hygiene material like water purification liquid, anti-lice lotion, toothpowder, soaps, combs, etc was done for absolutely free.

    • Blood Donation Camps
A mega blood donation camp is organized once a year by the Aniruddha Upasna Foundation with help of its sister organizations. In the last camp held on 4th May 2008, 23 reputed Blood Banks and major hospitals like Tata Memorial Hospital, KEM Hospital, Nair Hospital, etc to name a few participated. In all 2866 bottles of blood were collected. The Foundation also arranges blood donation camps on a regular basis in different areas across Mumbai and Maharashtra. In the year 2007, a total of 68 blood donation camps were organized in which 6059 units of blood were collected.

    • Aniruddha’s Bank of Blind
This is a knowledge bank in form of Audio Cassettes/ CDs for the benefit of the visually challenged. Audio Cassettes/ CDs based on the academic curriculum are prepared and given to the visually challenged students of various blind schools and colleges. The project has been targeted to reach out to the entire country over the next three years, wherein the cassettes/ CDs are being prepared in different languages depending on the requirements. So far more than 30, 000 cassettes and 3000 CDs have been distributed to various schools and institutions which include reputed charitable institutions for the visually challenged, such as “The Kamala Mehta School for Blind’, ‘Victoria School for the Blind’ and ‘National Association for Blind’, etc. So far, the curriculum has been recorded on CDs and cassettes in 11 Indian languages, not only for school going students but also for people pursuing post-graduate and vocational courses. Till date, nearly 65,000 students have benefited from these recorded audio books.

    • Work in Mental Hospitals and Orphanages
Volunteer of Foundation, in association with volunteers of sister organizations; regularly visit medical asylums at Thane, Pune and Ratnagiri, along with varying ailments. Work is going on in orphanages at Kolhapur & Mumbai.

    • Work in Hospitals
The volunteers of the organization assist various hospital in their day-to-day work. The scope of work at these hospitals includes various activities like registration of patients, procedural guidance and directing of patients, assistance to patients during admission, procurement of medicines, cleanliness programs, etc. Some of the hospitals where this type of service is provided include Tata Memorial Hospital and Nair Hospital in Mumbai and Sasoon Municipal Hospital In Pune organization with help of trained doctors, offer free medical aid to the poor and under-privileged in Mumbai through mobile medical vans. These vans tour slum areas in Mumbai every week providing free medical checkup and distributing free medicines, wherever essential.

  • Shakti Peeths

    Dr. Aniruddha Joshi has recognized 5 Shaktipeeths as the Teerthakshetras. They are

  1. Shree Kshetra Gurukshetram (Happy Home) – Khar, Mumbai

  2. Shree Kshetra Sai Niwas – Bandra, Mumbai

  3. Shree Kshetra Gurukul, Juinagar

  4. Shree Kshetra Govidyapeetham - Kothimbe, Karjat

  5. Shree Kshetra Atulit Bal Dham – Ratnagiri.

    • Shree Kshetra Gurukshetram, Khar - Mumbai
Dr. Aniruddha Joshi inaugurated Shree Kshetra Gurukshetram on 3rd September 2007. The portrait of Lord Shree Dattaguru which Bapu has been worshipping since He was of 8 years has been enlarged and put in one of the chambers for darshan. In the same chamber Bapu has established Dharmasthan where Bapu sits everyday after offering prayer to Lord Dattaguru.

Bapu has established ‘Shreemad-Purushartha Purshottam Yantra’ in the other chamber which is the place where Panch-Guru viz., Lord Dattaguru, Goddess Gayatri Mata, Lord Rama, Lord Hanumant and Lord Sai Baba stay. In the main hall of Gurukshetram a huge portrait of Goddess Anusaya Mata has also been put up. Bapu has also kept Udi, which is distributed for free to any and all bhaktas visiting the place. Everyday Aarti is performed twice a day.

The Purshottam Yantra is the only one of its kind in this entire universe. A single visiting this temple is equivalent to visiting 108 general temples. The same importance of the temple would be preserved till the occurrence of the Great Deluge, which would ultimately destroy the existing life on the earth and give rebirth to the entire Mother Earth and the mankind.

Contact Address:

551, Happy Home,

TPS – 3, 8th Road,

Old Khar, Khar (West),

Mumbai – 400 052

    • Shree Kshetra Sai Niwas, Bandra - Mumbai
This is the ancestral home of Dabholkar, located at Bandra and situated a walking distance away from Bandra Station. This house belongs to Sai Sat Charitrakar ‘Hemadpant’ (Mr. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar). This house has now been converted into a place of worship, infact a temple, which has a very, very rare distinction, attached to it. This is the place where the first ever idol of Lord Sai Baba was installed. The story of the same is very miraculous. On the auspicious day of Holi, Bapu Himself performs pujan of Lord Sai here.

Contact Address:

Mr. G. G. Dabholkar,

St. Martin Road,

Bandra (West),

Mumbai - 400050

Tel: +91 22 2642 45 19.

    • Shree Kshetra Gurukul, Juinagar
Everything at this place is important and sacred. There is a two-storey building here and a Hanumant Rock (Hanumantachi Shila), as also Dhan Laxmi and Shree Yantra. The ground floor hosts a very beautiful and attractive temple of three Goddesses of Power namely Shree Mahakali, Shree Mahalaxmi and Shree Mahasaraswati and also Shree Mangesh and Shree Shantadurga. These five deities represent Panch-Purushartha. A Dharma-Chakra too has been installed for the destruction of global evil in the backyard of the temple. Further water from 30 holy rivers of India has been placed here. On the second floor of the building is Vishvalochanchakraraj, which is a very superior chakra. Bapu has Himself designed the Chakra.

Shree Krishna Shastri Ayurved Prashala
(Ayurved Research & Development Centre) and Bharatiya Prachyavidya Sanshodhan Kendra (Indian Martial Art Institute) are established on the first floor of this building. The building also boasts a Library, which has thousands of books on various Indian Affairs. The books are in 5 languages Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati and Sanskrit. The library has books on subject ranging from Philosophy, Ayurved, Astrology, to Modern Science. A visit to this place is pilgrimage for the disciples who want to lighten their burden of fate, to ward off all evil influences and to get joy and happiness through its sharp and beneficent vibrations.

Contact Address:

Gurukul, Hari Om Mandir,

Juipada Gaon
Juinagar (West)
Navi Mumbai
Tel: 9522 – 2772 6023

    • Atulit Bal Dham, Ratnagiri
This is the place where Lord Shree Krishna is believed to have performed His Rasleela (Childhood mischieves). There is a temple of Lord Shree Krishna. There is also a well in the temple premises and it is believed to be abode of all the great saints. The temple also has a replica of brick (Ishtika) believed to be given to the manager of the place Mr. Vijaysinh Bhingarde by Lord Mahavishnu in his dream.

Lodging boarding facilities are also made available to devotees who wish to spend their time in the vicinity of nature chanting Lord’s name.

Contact Address:

Atulit Bal Dham

Sahyadri Nagar,

Opposite T.R.P.


Tel: 952352-229292.

    • Shree Kshetra Govidyapeetham, Kothimbe - Karjat
Under the invaluable guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, Aniruddha Upasana Trust has launched the Shree Govidyapeetham Project. A 16-acre area in the vicinity of Karjat has been designated for the purpose. This unique project intends to make use of sophisticated equipment like the laboratory, the chiller room, etc. only as and when the need may arise. All activity will otherwise be conducted in natural surroundings.

The two essential aspects of the Govindyapeetham project are:
1) Gopalavidya 2) Shree Govindavidya or in other words, " Facets of the life of Lord Shree Krishna"
1) Gopalavidya : The Indian culture worships cow believing her to be divine and a source of life and energy. Modern science too emphasizes the importance of and values the cow, her milk, her excretory products, viz. The Gomutra and the Gomaya. Balram is known to have reared and groomed the ‘Gir’ breed of milch cows. The Gopalavidya too aims at grooming and nurturing the cow and conducting research in the field. The project will also focus on a comprehensive study of our culture that associates sanctity with the cow and believes her to be a source of vital energy. It is also an accepted fact that the cow with all its goodness has a general virtuous effect on our lives and can thus lead to the welfare of the entire humanity.
2) Govindavidya: Govinda is Lord Shree Krishna. His persona, His life, His powers, His role, His ideology and His value system put together compose the Govindavidya. To study the Govindavidya. And arouse thereby ‘love’; love for Shree Krishna and to become aware of and feel His love for us is indeed the primary goal of this project. Govidyapeetham is the foundation on which ‘bhakti’; 'dharma' and valor will flourish.
Prominent features of the Govidyapeetham.

      • A magnificent temple of Lord Shree Krishna bearing the Govardhan mountain on His little finger,built on the 16 acre land.

      • The study and research of Gopalavidya and Govinavidya

      • Striving towards a solution to the problems that life is faced with today, falling back on the Bhagwat Geeta (told to Arjun to indicate to him, his duty, his dharma) and the Uddhav Geeta or the Bhagwat (told to Uddhav to till and prepare the terrain of his mind) as frames of reference, will be an important endeavor of the Govidyapeetham.

      • The actual rearing and grooming with help of modern equipment, of the Gir breed of milch cows will be undertaken for the purpose of an in-depth and a comprehensive study of the various aspects of the Gopalavidya of Lord Shree Krishna. To drive home to the masses and to reiterate the importance of the milk, the curds, the butter, the buttermilk and the ghee, all made from the milk of the cow is one of the principle tasks of the Govidyapeetham.

      • The revival and restoration of ancient Indian wealth, unfortunately lost in the tide of time, viz., ancient vidyas like the Govidya, the Gomatividya, the Gayatrividya alongwith some effective mantras like the Gosukta, the Gomatimantra, the Surabhimantra and the Gayatrimantra is an important objective of the project.

      • Physical training and exercise along with the training in the ancient martial arts are part of the curriculum and will be conducted in the midst of nature.

        Lodging boarding facilities are also made available to devotees who wish to spend their time in the vicinity of nature chanting Lord’s name.

    • Central Centers’ Communication Committee (CCCC)
Dr. Aniruddha has established a chain of Upasna Centers (Prayer Centre) across the world. Prayers of Lord Dattaguru, Lord Ram, Lord Hanumant, etc are performed. Moreover most of the facets of Bapu’s 13 Point Plan is executed through these Upasna Centers. There are 98 Upasna Centres in Mumbai, 104 Upasna Centres all over Maharastra. Further these centres have a pan-India presence with presence in places like Delhi, Rae Bareilly, Bangalore, Vadodara, Hyderabad, Burhanpur, etc. in India. Also the Centres are spread across the entire globe spanning countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

CCCC is the governing body of all these centers. There are some thresholds that have been defined by CCCC for establishing Upasna Centre in your vicinity. Once the thresholds are satisfied and the permission for the establishing is taken from the CCCC Upasna Centre can be started.

Contact Address:
305, Link Apartments,
Khari Village, Old Khar,
Khar - (West),
Mumbai 400 052
Tel: +91 22 2605 7054/ 56

    • Sai Samarth Vigyan Prabodhini
This is the Educational body of the Trust. Prabodhini conducts examinations twice a year on Shree Sai Sat Charitra. This inculcates values like bhakti, seva, sharanya, towards Lord in its examinees, keeping the scientific temper as its base.

    • Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam
As the name suggests it’s a bank. It has its account holders and they maintain passbooks to record their deposit as well. But here what its account holders deposit is Ramnaam (it contains names of Lord Rama, Lord Shree Krishna, Lord Dattaguru, Lord Sadguru) which the bhaktas have to write only on their own.

Contact Address:

101, Link Apartments,

TPS III, Khari Village,

Old Khar, Khar Road (West),

Mumbai 400 052,

Tel: +91 22 2605 3568.

  • Chid Aakash

    The things, which have relation to our Lord, to Lord Hari, are the things, which are termed as Chid Aakash. Following things are covered under the same.

    • Tripurari Trivikram Locket, Tripurari Trivikram Toran, Ring

    • Udi

    • Pen, Button, Broche

    • Udd, Agarbatti, Dhoopshikha

      When these things are used in our daily life they give us positive vibrations and keep the evil forces at bay.

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