Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Discourse by P. P. Aniruddha Bapu on 26th February 2009

Last Thursday i.e. 26th February 2009, Bapu delivered His discourse as usual again at New English High School ground at Bandra East, Mumbai. As usual it was filled with novelty and was a very interesting. Following is the extract of the discourse:

Om Namah Shivai
Bapu in short explained the importance of this religious hymn. As everyone knows the hymn is dedicated to Lord Shiva. But along with it Bapu also explained the importance of another hymn dedicated to Lord Shiva, i.e Shiv Panchakshar Stotra. Bapu said that Shiv Panchakshar Stotra is practically is more beneficial to its enchanter but still for convenience of all Bapu said that both the hymns have the same positive effect on its enchanter.

Bapu also made everyone recollect the addition of word “Om” before the start of Shiv Panchakshar Stotra, which He had mentioned when the same Stotra was recited publicly last time in the year 2008.

Bapu had earlier asked everyone to recite these two hymns daily during the Nandi Paksha period. The reason to do so was to enable Lord Shiva to take control of our life and specifically elements related to correct decision making, avoiding confusion during the decision making process and to make us understand the unexplained or the things which we fail to understand in our practical life and as a result make mistakes. Bapu further said that even if we recite these hymns for 3 days period annually it is enough for Lord Shiva to get us on the right track.

Decision Making Process
Bapu explained the steps involved in the decision making process of humans
1) Estimate or Andaz as in Marathi
2) Judgment or Anuman as in Marathi
3) Advice or Apta-Vakya as in Marathi

Estimate is always ad hoc mostly based on gut feelings rather than observations and study based on the same.

Judgement is the conclusion based on assessment, experience and practice. Bapu said that decisions as far as possible should always be made on basis of Judgments.

Apta-Vakya is the advice, which our genuine well wisher give us. The well wisher need not necessarily be relative but can be also someone like our doctor who we pay but still advices always advices us correctly in our interest on our medical issues. A well wisher can also be a relative or a friend of us who could advice us on our professional life. The point here is that we should have the ability to recognize who is our real well wisher. Ravan made the mistake of failing to recognizing Vibhishan as his real well wisher and this lead to his destruction.
Now the whole point for Bapu to explain this process was to explain the two hymns stated above do aid, support and enhance our decision making process with blessings from Lord Shiva.

Walukeshwar Linga Pujan
Finally Bapu declared that the Walukeshwar Linga (worship symbol of Lord Shiva made from beach sand (i.e. the rocks that has been converted into fine sand granules by lashing of sea waves on it. The reason to specifically state this explanation over here is to draw attention of readers to the importance of sand Linga that Bapu had mentioned when the Linga of Lord Walukeshwar was last opened to public viewing and worship some months earlier in the year 2008.), to which some selected volunteers who have been offering worship, would be open to public for darshan(viewing) and worship on 5th March 2009 i.e. coming Thursday.

Bapu further said that any Walukeshwar Linga is not aesthetically and religiously complete unless some predefined conditions are satisfied. But the Linga that would be put for display on this Thursday would be a complete Linga with a complete backing of Lord Shiva and with something special in it.

All the visitors and volunteers who plan to attend and participate in the function can offer Bail Leaves (leaves of Wood Apple tree) to the Linga. For making the darshan comfortable for all the visitors, the function would start at 1800 hrs IST at New English High School, Bandra (East) Mumbai that is the usual Bapu’s discourse venue. (If things are organized and setup fast the darshan could also start earlier i.e. maybe by 1700 hrs IST).