Thursday, May 19, 2011

Descent of River Ganges for Eternity at Prasannotsav

I am sure all readers would have read earlier posts on Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav. I am writing this post after the entire Utsav is ACCOMPLISHED. The purpose of calling it accomplished is this is how Param Poojya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu described it during his closing address of the ceremony.  So it means that Prasannotsav has not ended but has actually started for all the Shraddhavans who believe in 9 principals of Bapu.

In my today's post I would like to highlight one particular very important event from the Utsav and that is of the Descent of Ganges for Eternity. On the 3rd day of the Utsav i.e. on 10th May 2011 Sadguru Bapu performed the ceremony along with Param Poojya Nandai in which unending waters of Ganges, Mandakini and Alaknanda was made available to all the Shraddhavans.

While acknowledging the claim of the scientists that Ganges would go dry in next 40-60 years, by making Ganges descend for eternity at Shree Harigurugram Bapu has made sure that this river which is religiously extremely important for India as a whole doesn't disappear in oblivion.The event was performed to preserve Ganges.

While describing Ganges Bapu said that Ganges continuously recites 'गं' beej. She is Tripada Gamini. This Tripada Gamini would She is eternal knowledge. Physical (bhautik), Pranmay and Manomay bodies of humans would be refined by Her. She is Gyanganga (River of Knowledge) and originates and lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Meaning of Gyanganga is "Analysis of Past, Present and Future". She needs support of Lord Shiva to descend on this earth (Shivam Dynanopadesham). In Physical (bhautik) form She is Bhagirathi, in Pranmay form She is Alaknanda and in Manomay form Mandakini.

At the start Bapu made all recite Ganganashtak which is authored of sage Valmiki.

Then further prayers were offered to 49 Marutgans to protect the waters of Ganges which is found in bodies of all of us. Scientifically these 49 Marutgans are represented by 49 neuro-transmitters found in our brains. (85% of brain is made of water). This prayer would purify water in our bodies. This matra recited keeps us away from lust and wrong things.

Further Bapu again stressed on the importance of taking sunlight on our skin for atleast and hour a day which He has earlier explained during his Ramrajya discourse last year. Then all prayed to Sun God to keep their minds pure. Prayers where further made to Lord to make us delivery only good things if not bad. This pure water is like nectar (amrut) and and drinking it is like consecrating (abhishek) oneself which excites Godly elements.

Mahishasurmardini Mata has 8 hands. Incidentally Bapu listed 8 properties of water namely: 1) Dilution 2) Sweetness and Odour 3) Medicinal Properties 4) Electricity 5) Carrier Properties 6) Oxygen Mixing Capacity 7) Ionic Reaction Properties 8) Simulation and Energy Production.

Further on the 5th day i.e. 12th May Bapu again along with Nandai established Shree Shiv Ganga-Gauri.

The whole Utsav was an eternal bliss. To tell you something more about Utsav taking part in Shree Raktadantika pujan was a lifetime experience. Carrying Avdhoot Kumbh on head was another unforgettable experience. And offcourse getting to witness the Sahastra Chandi Yagnya which is hard for even an emperor to perform was another of it.

This is one thing that will be remembered by all of us who witness it as the best thing to have happened in our life.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shree Durga Varada Hom at Prasannotsav

The Prasannotsav finally started and the wait of so many months was over. I am very fortunate to get seva for all the days at Prasannotvsav. I reported to seva in the afternoon shift. I was given the seva at the Main Gate of the Utsav. Just as I resumed my seva my Co-ordinator asked me to have a look at the setup of the place. I just stepped in the Main Hall and WOW !!! The entire setup, decorations, lines of devotees, the chantings of name of Chandika Aai was absolutely mesmerizing. As reported in my earlier blog post all the mentioned events were setup in a very organized way at their respective places. The three forms of Chandika Mata (Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Akhil Kameshwari) that are put on the Main stage just made me look at them for long, long time in awe. 

I resumed my seva on the Main Gate. Just within few minutes a small group of volunteers went pass the Main Gate with one volunteer carrying a metallic pot on his head. When I inquired about that small procession with my fellow volunteer he told me that it was the APOORVA AVDHOOT KUMBH. Now, this was what we had heard Sadguru Bapu describe in His discourse. Bapu has told us in His discourse that these Kumbhs are so pious and complete that they are capable of establishing complete Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetrams or even Aniruddha Dhams wherever needed. Thinking about this I followed the procession and entered a particular area just opposite the main hall. This section was dedicated for Shree Durga Varada Hom.

When I entered this area to my huge surprise our Param Poojya Nandai was sitting right there doing recitations of some book. When I asked a volunteer who deputed for this seva about the book Nandai was reciting he said it is the granth (book) which is the Sanskrit version of Matru Vatsalyavindanam which is written by Param Poojya Bapu Himself.

Here apart from our Goddess and Mother (Nandai) there were also many other things that were attention grabbing. The original copy of Sanskrit version of Matru Vatsalyavindanam which is written by Param Poojya Bapu Himself was kept in this section were hundreds of devotees were getting the chance to recite this holy text along with Nandai at the same time. Actually it is a mistake on my part to call it text. This granth is the actually the 9th form of Goddess Mahishasurmardini (in form of Nitya-Mantramalini). Just imagine the scene over here. The Goddess daughter reading Her Goddess Mother.

Here the replica of Wani fort on which Saptashrungi Mata has Her temple was also erected. A pond containing Aap Jal was also erected here (Aap Jal finds a mention in the Matru Vatsalyavindanam). 

And finally came another pleasant surprise. In the evening when I was doing my seva again back at the main gate suddenly the movements of all bhaktas stopped and I saw a group of some well-built volunteers walking towards the main gate. I could recognize them. They were from the squad which moves along with our beloved Bapu. And behind them came a huge handsome figure. It our God, our Bapu indeed. As described by Meenavahini in one of her abhangs He really looked like (Bhala Dandga Mard Maratha, Koriv Lavanyacha). And to my surprise He walked straight into the Shree Durga Varada Hom section and spent more than half and hour over there. This happened again in night. 

It was really a great experience being at the Utsav. Moreover I was stationed at Main Gate exactly between the Main Hall area and the Shree Durga Varada Hom section which are the two biggest attractions of the event of all the devotees. Because of this I could get to enjoy and witness all the happenings in both the areas at the same time. 

Thank you very much oh Lord Bapu. Thanks a lot for showering this love on me. 

I love you my Lord.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav

The about four days time we will be welcoming our Mothi Aai in six of Her ethereal roopas, under one single roof at Shree Harigurugram with the beginning of Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav.

During this utsav the 6 roopas we will be fortunate enough to take darshan of are:
  1. Akhila-Kameshwari Roopa [Mahishasurmardini AAI]
  2. Kala-Niyantri Roopa [Maha-Kali AAI]
  3. Arogya-Bhavani Roopa [Maha-Saraswati AAI]
  4. Shatrughneshwari Roopa [Raktadantika AAI]
  5. Ganga Mata
  6. and the MOST LOVED ROOPA, sculpted by our DEAR BAPU -The MATRUVATSALYAVINDANAM [In the Aarti of Chandika Mata we all know that the Ninth Roopa of Mahishasurmardini AAI is Nitya - Mantramalini and I believe that this ROOPA is definitely the MATRUVATSALYAVINDANAM.]
This Prassanotsav will be a once in a lifetime occasion and I just cant accept the fact that how fortunate we are to be able to take darshan of such 6 Majestic and truly pristine roopas of our Mothi AAI at one single place and that too in the presence of our Sadguru Bapu.

Just imagine the ambiance when we will experience the:
  • The Maha - Kali Kunda where the 11 asuras, Madhu Kaithaba, Mahishasur, Shumbha, Nishumbha, Raktabeeja, Dhoomralochana, Asiloma, Chand, Mund and Ravana [the asuras polluting our body and mind and our very existence] will be burnt in the fire where we will offer the Asura Dahan Dravya
  • The Maha - Laxmi Deep where we will be able to offer the Sura Snehan Dravya [Oil]
  • The Maha-Saraswati Vapi where we will be able to offer the Mangalya Dravya to our Mothi Aai
  • The Sahastrachandi Yaag wherein more than 108 Purohits will do the Parayan [continuous reading] of the Sapta Shati grantha 1008 times in 10 days.
  • The Janhavi Sthanam where the Ganga Mata Poojan will be done to ensure that the Ganga in the form of the Udi will keep flowing in this world till eternity from our very Own Gurukshetram
  • The Rajopchari Poojan of the Akhila-Kameshwari Roopa, Kala-Niyantri Roopa, Arogyabhavani Roopa of the Mothi AAI  done daily along with the Maha-Naivedya, Maha-Bhog and the Maha-aarti. 
  • The Shatrughneshewari Poojan, in which we will view the Roopa of our Mothi Aai which is 'Heaven Bent' on saving her sons and daughters from all evils. This Roopa appears very Aggressive but one must remember that she has taken this Roopa to finish off all evil which is troubling her Shraddhavan children. 
  • The Shree Durga Varada Hom with the Sanskrit recital of the Matruvatsalyavindanam in Bapu's own voice.
  • And all of this while we will be listening to the continuous rendition of The Nitya Jap, of the 3 mantras by Bapu Himself.
I am sure that we are all still to come to terms with the Actual Gravity of this Great and Unique occurrence. But I pray to Bapu to make us aware of it very soon so that we may benefit the most from it.

The follow extract has been taken from the Facebook Account of Dr. Paurassinh Joshi (Profile Link: