Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Just happened to read post about novel, DIGITAL FORTRESS on Samirdada's blog ( Once after a meeting, while talking casually about interesting books worth a read, I recollect Bapu praising this work of Dan Brown. 

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The novel is just the kind of stuff you would need to spice up a tired mood while retiring to bed. Being from IT industry, it was very interesting for me to relate to various concepts and technologies like, cryptography, encryption and decryption keys, hacking, information security, firewalls, super computers, etc. described in it. 

Most of you by now would have been familiar with the name Edward Snowden. It was quiet fascinating and inexplicable for me that the events about Snowden, United States and National Security Agency that we have been reading in newspapers and the story in this book was very much identical and went parallel to what and how I was reading. Hence reading this book became all the more mystifying.  

I was also quiet amazed to find that this masterpiece was composed by Dan Brown in the year 1998 and yet he mentions all the above mentioned technologies pin-pointedly in this novel. Another baffling reference in this book that was that of a technology which is described to be used by one of the character, Hulohot. It has a stark similarity to Google Glass which is been just launched this year. Hats off to Brown's imagination that he could think of such a technology, way back in the year 1998.  

The story is so hooking that it is just irresistible to keep this book down. Finally the climax in it is just a ideal finish to such a wonderful work. I thought of finishing the last 100 pages of the book at leisure whenever I could find time but when I actually started reading them. But I could say stop to myself only after finishing it in one go.